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Lose weight & be healthy with these tips and tricks for weight loss {Free Printable}


Lose weight & be healthy with these tips and tricks for weight loss 

{Free Printable}

It's a brand new day, a brand new year. Time to recommit again. We are one week into January and I can venture to say that many of us have already fallen off the overzealous bandwagon. This year I have committed, not only to finish losing my extra fluff and getting healthier but dragging my family in to join the fun. Because of trying times our family has encountered the past few years my precious teens have piled on the pounds and I am almost certain that stress and environmental changes played a large role in their weight gain as well.

Ok that being said, this has become quadrupal the fun for me {inserts sarcasm} Now, am I not only being accountable for my food, my wellness, my eating and my fitness but I have committed to daily supporting my family in their journey to remove extra fluff. Making lunches again for teenagers is all the rave haha.

I have implemented plenty of fun additions to the grueling adventure of losing weight which I will share in a future article. But for today we will talk about some simple tips and tricks to help you with your daily grind of "commitment to health and wellness".
In my view and from my own experience it is very important to keep reminding yourself of your goals and aspirations. The moment you stop looking at them visually or mentally is the moment your mind and possibly your heart decide to put them in the background while you concentrate on other things.

That why printing these tips out and placing them someone you look daily is a constant reminder of your aspirations regarding wellness and overall health.

Lifestyle Tips
Move More. {Park in the back of the parking lot}
Eat as many raw foods as possible
Get enough calcium to burn fat
Pray or meditate. Write down what you are thankful for each day
Find and implement stress reducing techniques
Get enough sleep
Learn something new
Keep a journal
Drink plenty of water

Fitness Tips
Always Stretch
Exercise with a friend, make a new friend
Set goals with rewards and jot them down
Be consistent {rotate resistance training along with cardio and weights}
Have fun or you will give up
Take your measurements because there are times you will lose inches and not weight and this will encourage you
Put goal pictures up or create a vision board

Food Tips
Create an eating plan
Know your calorie range Calculator Here
Do not skip meals, I repeat DO NOT SKIP MEALS
Do not leave home without snacks
{Raw veggies, protein bars, seed crackers, nuts, seeds
Fruit, yogurt, water}
Add fiber & calcium to your diet
Try 5-6 small meals throughout the day
Reap plenty of benefits with lemon water
Eat off a smaller plate
Cut down on sugar
Try Juicing or smoothies

Fun Facts
For the 1st 15 minutes of a workout your body burns sugar and carbs
Eat in dim light. Research shows you will eat less
Watch less TV. When tv’s were locked out in a research study people burned more calories
Start taking raw potato starch. It is a resistant starch that caused you to be less hungry and absorb less sugar
Apple Cider vinegar before a meal helps slow down sugar and carb absorption
Cut food into tiny pieces. Tricks brain into thinking it is eating more

Be healthy, Be inspired


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