Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Freebie Printables. 3 Tips to continuing towards your goals. Wellness / Weight loss reminders for your planner

Freebie Printable. 3 Wellness / Weight loss reminders for your planner or calendar. 


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It's time for reminders friends

Be sure to put your feet in the right place & then stand firm. Abe Lincoln

It seems that it is so easy to drop the ball when it comes to goals and aspirations. Particularly New Years Resolutions. Yuck, I don't even like to say that word ha. Ok, so I would encourage you to create daily reminders for yourself. Whether you keep them in your wallet, on your fridge, in your planner or stuck to the bathroom mirror. Create an environment that is constantly bringing to the forefront of your heart and mind what your priorities are

3 suggestions to continue towards your goals:

1. Create visual reminders. Print pictures, cut out pictures from magazines and newspapers, doodle and so on. Do whatever it takes to start visually your goals so you are moving towards them at all times. 

2. Share your goals with family, friends and heck, strangers :). Make yourself accountable to your goals. Have you ever imagined things, ideas, goals and opportunities in your head, yet they never seem to manifest into something tangible or real. Most times you can attribute it to accountability. Our brains our hardwired to live up to our word or to at least try. Word of caution, recent studies show that those people who kept their goals a secret were more likely to fulfill them on some level. Once we speak something out, our brains feel an obligation of some kind. Give it a try!

3. Thirdly the more specific you get, studies show, the closer you get to achieving your goals. For example write down the major goal for the year then break it down to months, and then weeks then days. Write down how you will achieve your goal. For example my goal is to lose 50lbs. Now I break that down into weeks being approximately 4 pounds a months and 1 pound a week. Then I will write down how I will get there. I will start with walking a mile then each week I will add 2 blocks. Then I will look at my eating habits. I will eat less refined sugar. I will take my supplements. This is how you break up goals. Go get em tiger ! 

Be inspired and have a happy day

Be intentional with your goals today!


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