Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mock Bento Box . Quick healthy appealing lunches for children and adults


I started creating mock Bento box lunches for my children about 3 years ago. It's an amazing simple concept and you as well as your children will fall in love with it.It's creative and fun but best of all healthy. You do not need to purchase the $30-$40 Bento boxes. You can create your own. Stop in the nearest dollar store or Walmart and pick up your different size, colorful containers and a nice cooler or insulated lunch box. 
It's amazing what you and your children and create. 
Quicks foods to have on hand for easy Bento Box Lunches
Peanut Butter
Nuts and Seeds
Chopped and Diced Fresh Veggies
(coin cucumbers and carrots, celery rods, broccoli trees)
Oil and Vinegar (Make sure you purchase tiny container for dips and dressings)
Fresh homemade yogurt dips
Sliced and Diced Fresh Meats and Cheeses
Homemade or Pretend homemade rice crisp treats & homemade low sugar goodies
Pita Crackers and Whole wheat breads. Bagel flats.
Dried raisins, cranberries and blueberries
(Stay away from overly sweet foods as well as foods made with white flour and rice)
There are so many wonderful healthy options. Try even making your own baked sweet potato chips. They are wonderful 

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