Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2 Free Printables for your planner or journal. Enjoy and Be inspired!

Today I was watching Mandee of The Kitchen Wife. She was doing a periscope and she was saying how she is noticing so many people this year are gloomy and cranky. She encouraged others to be a light. To be the one that smiles, the one that holds back for a parking space and so on and so forth. This really touched me. I know that I can get so moved, emotionally by "cranky" people because of my own self centeredness. The thing we all need to realize is that everyone has a back story and we really need to be considerate of that and be the cheer we want to see in others. Set the example and be grateful that you have the opportunity top do that reather than be bitter about it. Let these tags help and be a reminder of that is just remind yourself to be full of grace and love for people because one day you may need the same. (Print these for your blog or enjoy them anyway you would like. These are for personal use, please feel free to direct people here for these tags

Blessings and Inspiration this Holiday season!!

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