Sunday, September 9, 2012

Writing Prompt #3 Restaurant (hmm only 1 minute)

The best part about going to a Restaurant is being waited on. I always love get 20 refills of coffee. For some reason it makes me feel "special" or like I got some kind of buy 1 get 19 free deal! One thing I would change if I made the "Foodie" laws would be that all food served must be fresh, and they are not allowed to add one ounce of MSG! Yuck. That stuff makes you feel like crap when you are done eating whatever it has been injected into.. 

I would love to open a garden "green house" cafe. It would be an actual "Greenhouse". Everything fresh, whole and healthy. The food served would be grown right there on the property in a greenhouse lol. The servers would be required to always be kind and courteous and absolutely know that the customer is always right haha. Opps times up.. If there was no financial limit, what type of Restaurant would you open?

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