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Words for His Glory. By.. Itsallofhim ("Who in the world is Heman", I asked)

(Names will not be changed to protect anyone :0)~~)

Words for His Glory By.. Itsallofhim

Thank you mom! For letting me post this. Your devotions to the Lord are always such a blessings to everyone. 

Heman was one of 3 Levites assigned by King David to be ministers of music. He was a grandson of Samuel the prophet.He went on to become King David's seer, and to have 14 sons. The title of Psalm 88 ascribes it to Heman. This Psalm seems to have been written in a state of despair. According to Martin Marty, a professor of church history at the University of Chicago, Psalm 88 is “a wintry landscape of unrelieved bleakness.”

Psalm 88 ends by saying:
You have taken my companions and loved ones from me; the darkness is my closest friend. (Psalm 88:18, NIV).
Indeed, in Hebrew, the last word of the Psalm 88 is "darkness".

This reminds me of what we spoke of yesterday @ House church….or maybe it was another time….People that go through things for a long timeeeeeee (and ‘why’ Lord, is it so) ….I think we all get ‘fed up’ with things being dragged out in our lives…..the pain goes on and on and on and on….BUTTTTTT – we have a SAVIOUR to run to – we have the ability to ‘choose’ life or death… or not….LET HIM …resonate in our spirits.  LET HIM…take control of each situation…HE will be super pleased with us, or as the ‘kids’ say nowadays “Jesus is SUPER STOKED!!)  – when we finally get to the point that we are on our knees – surrendering all of it to HIM, HE is full of JOY!!

My soul is full of troubles. —Psalm 88:3

We should marvel at Heman, (or the LORD inside of HIM…enabling him to withstand the adversity and the afflictions) the poet who wrote Psalm 88. His lot in life was unrelieved distress. “My soul is full of troubles,” he lamented (v.3). He was fed up with suffering!
Heman looked back and remembered poor health and misfortune. He looked around and saw adversity and abandonment. He looked up and found no solace. “I am distraught,” he complained (v.15). He was “adrift” (v.5), “in darkness” (v.6), “afflicted” (vv.7,15), and “cast off” (v.14). He could see no light at the end of the tunnel; no resolution of his sorrow.

Heman’s honesty sould warm our souls.  It should show us – that ‘nothing’ and ‘everything’ is common to man.  As Dennis would say…’it’s the same for all of us”…( I LOVEEEEE IT!!!!)  It was even the ame for JESUS!!!   Christians who never struggle confuse me. There’s balance, of course: No one wants to be around those who babble on all day about their troubles, but it does my heart good to know that someone else has struggled.

Yet, there’s more to Heman than mere candor. He also had a stubborn, intractable faith. Oh Lord….if you gave us all the ‘gift of Faith”!!!  How wonderful that would be.  But it’s ok LORD – Because it’s YOUR Hand that gives to some – and YOU’RE Hand that gives other things to others. I am satisfied with what YOU have chosen to give ME!!!  Despite Heman’s many problems, he clung to God and cried out to Him “day and night” (vv.1,9,13). He didn’t stop praying. He didn’t give up. And even though he didn’t sense it at the time, Heman acknowledged God’s lovingkindness, faithfulness, and righteousness (vv.11-12).

I like folks like Heman. They strengthen my grip on God and remind me never to stop praying.  But more than ‘folks like Heman’…I LOVE JESUS who enables me to do it all…HE enables me to cling to HIM…..HE has shown me over and over in HIS WORD – what to do – in every situation.  THANK YOU LORD!!!  BE MY GOD In the midst of every storm.
In solitude, on wings of prayer
My soul ascends before the throne;
My only hope of strength is where
My heart and His meet all alone. —Anon.

JESUS is the soil in which hope grows best.  OUR HOPE is in YOU TODAY LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!

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