Monday, June 4, 2012

coffee house.. Inspires me to write monolog

Ok, so I go through the drive-thru daily before work and yes of course I am in a hurry because I am rushing to work along with the other 50 people in line. Line is moving painfully slow so I just crank up the tunes and shake my groove thing, trying to pretend like I am going to be on time for work. Finally after what feels like a lifetime, I approach the speaker.. A sweet, thoughtful small voice peeps out; "Welcome to StarStrucks how may I help you?" Aww I say,, Thank you and Good Morning.. May I please have a venti coffee with creamer and two sweet n lows. The tiny voice replies So that was what size again? I kindly repeat, "a Venti, creamer and 2 sweet n low please." Ok so that was a venti coffee, Yes.. I murmur plus cream and 2 sweet n low. The kind, now irritating voice resounds with "Sure, we will get your a venti coffee with cream. That will be $2.35." I respond in a very irate tone, Don't forget the sweet n low. So  the voice says, So sweet n low. Right.. Wait..2 sweet n lows?? Yes Please pull forward for your total. At this point I am beyond myself and can not deal with it so I react with," just give me a small black coffee."

This is a true story, happens on a regular basis, but the identities have been changed to protect the innocent

Intentionally Inspired to smile

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