Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to Stay Organized Blogging

Ok so being the girl with the runaway train in my head, I need to start putting my thoughts into one place, so they do not cruise all over God's creation and I start to confuse the masses.
My mother is right. I operate with run on sentences like blood flowing. I need to take a break between thoughts. I found this amazing Printable to keep my blog organized. You will love it,. Infarrantly Creative. There are so many ideas, I believe will inspire others, I just need to put them into a format others can understand. YES, I am saying that if you could have full access to my mind, you may jump ship. I do not want that. I want you coming back so that you will be blessed by reading and seeing some of the ideas that have literally changed my life. Others, not so much, but yet have inspired me to live each moment with some purpose. On top of all of that I think you will adore this blog.

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  1. Oh yes, I calender but love this as it has a place for stats & supporting other bloggers....I am on bloggy moms too & a Sits. I am going to check out your photography page. I am hoping for a better camera this year, as its one of my passions! ;) Stop by sometime & thanks for the follow on Google+ I left you a note about my page. Visiting from @ @DearCreatives on twitter.


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