Friday, June 8, 2012

Facts about me..

I thought I would write a little note to inspire myself. Sometimes I feel a little down, not knowing which direction I am suppose to be going in. I know that my life is taking a drastic turn, with the impending divorce, last year losing our family home, kids getting older, becoming the sole provider for my family, starting my graphic design work back up and possibly signing up for an online university in the fall. Wow.. I am out of breath now haha..
With being a self proclaimed Jane of all trades, master of nothing I thought I needed to encourage myself in the things that make me unique and special. The things God placed in my life. Glory be to God
Here are some interesting facts about me...
* I am the X Generation, whatever the heck that is??
* I was suppose to be given up for adoption when I was born. Nobody knew my mom was pregnant with me. It was a secret shhh.. My real, biological dad had to adopt me when my parents decided not to give me up.
* I have one younger brother, whom I tortured as a child, but loves me dearly today.
* My mom left home when I was seventeen, then my mom came back and my dad left. They then divorced.
* I worked as a babysitter at 13 and 14, full time in the summer as a nanny of sorts. At 15 and 16 I worked at McDonald's. After that I volunteered at a daycare,  then worked at a video store, a gas station, a survey research company, fashion bug, TJ Maxx, A Jewish fundraising organization, a commercial cleaner, a mansion cleaner,  Administrator at a daycare in the inner city, Lead teacher at a daycare, In home care, owned my own businesses; Concierge, 2 different in home daycares, Commerical sign company, Moving business, Liberty tax and lastly and bestly MOM:)
*I take the cap off the pepper when I pour it so I don't have to shake and shake and shake.
* I have a weird fetish with alleys. I drive up and down, looking at peoples yards hoping to get a glimpse into their kitchens, hoping to see a special family moment
* I dumpster dive
* When I was 13, I took a trip to New York City, got separated from my group, got lost in Macy's Department store, walked into the junior section to check out the cool clothes and had a wall display of jeans fall on top of me
* Purchased a swiss watch in NYC. (the brand)
* I once sent a guy friend to a boyfriends house pretending he was my boyfriend, and threatened him with harm, so the boyfriend would leave me alone. It did not work. Immediately when the friend left the boyfriend said are we still going to prom? UGH
* Took tennis lessons, trombone lessons, participated in track and field.
* I eat cottage cheese on toast every morning (90%) of the time
* I taught myself graphic design. Not really an expert or anything but I can do some coding and HTML as well as design.
* I love "just dance"
* I lost 100lbs the past 2 years. Think I gained a few back but I am still on track
* I love lifting weights
* I am fascinated with people and their behavior which allows me to fall insanely in love with any job where I get to work with the public
* I majored in psychology at UWM. I also took theater
* Made varsity softball team my freshman year in high school
* Got married at 25
* I had my first baby at 29
* I always crave peanut butter
* I wanted to be a solid gold dancer when I was a kid
* Between the ages of 13 and 16 I participated in Sagbraw every year with my dad. It was a bicycle tour sponsored by the Milwaukee Sentinel. The tour ran for 7 days each year in the heat of summer; end of August. The tour group we chose rode from the tip of  Wisconsin (Washington island) to Greenfield park. We would ride between 80 and 100 miles per day. Extreme weather was always the theme each year. It felt as though the entire tour was up hill. Some of the best times of my life.
* Love to cook, hate to bake
* I can make myself cry, no duh, it must be the actor in me
* I was Lutheran growing up, became a new age guru in college and gave my life to Christ around age 20.
* My favorite actress of all times is .........Lucille Ball. People tell me she wasn't a very nice person. You know what? I don't care.. She makes me laugh out loud
* Some favorite all time shows are The brady bunch, Cosby, Leave it to beaver, Threes Company, Friends, Raymond, sesame street,
* My whole life I have pretty much loved helping others. My mom tells me story's of me walking up to homeless people in Chicago, on family trips, and handing over my allowance to them. Not because they scared me but because I wanted to help them
* I'm probably too gullible.
* If I could pick one place to stand for the rest of my life it would be by the water (Lake, river, pond ocean.. Doesn't matter to me :0)~~)
* I drive people crazy with my uber obsession with taking pictures. Umm, sooo lol:)
* A clean house makes me feel happy
* Coffee relaxes me.. Yesss I know?? It is a stimulant..It's all in the mind
* I love tea because it helps me feel like I am in England with the queen. I don't care for scones
* Tulips are my favorite flower
* I miss my grandma who died.
* I have an uncle whose is a retired general in the army

That's all for now
Hope you got to know me a little better
Know that your are special and unique.. Made in the image of God

Psalm 139:13 (Good News),
“You (God) created every part of me. You put me
together in my mother’s womb

Job 10:8,
“Your hands shaped me and made me.” Circle “shaped.”



  1. crazy pics of your MOM!!! I love his BLOG -- I love what you write -- and I LOVE the author of it!!! She's my GIFT from GOD!!! Love you baby girl -- momma

  2. Wow! Nice to meet you. Found you on Bloggy Moms. Working my way through perhaps meeting a new person each day :)

  3. Hi Kelly, Thanks for stopping in. That would be awesome. Could you leave your blog name here:) Thanks..K


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