Friday, September 25, 2015

Note to Self 2015

As 2015 is coming to a close, the all too indifferent realization that I let yet another year pass without chasing my goals, is upon me.

Ok so I did create a y
Youtube channel and actually upload some videos. That is impressive for my very passive, procrastinating personality. This is all great until one day I get an email from adsense stating that I will never be able to earn revenue with them for breaking their policy's and procedures. WHAT! I can not believe it. I am not able to make a few bucks with youtube now. After all the hard work up uploading and creating and winning viewers, I now find out I am a convicted adsense felon?? Really?..  I feel horrible. So what do I do? Yes you guessed it! I appeal it like any smart, driven, youtube wanna would. They reply 2 months later with,"Sorry we will not reinstate your account for reasons we are not allowed to tell you." Oh brother, this just gets better and better. Are you kidding, "for reasons you are not allowed to disclose to me" the person whose heart you have crushed in one fall swoop.. Oh adsense ooh adsense let down your hair.. Boo Hoo.. Oh well time to find another opportunity, It's all in the Lord's hands.

I think it helps to have a husband who is very serious about doing what we say.

So we made the big move to the farm. Boy, that in itself is an accomplishment. In me (without the Lord) I would just lay in a field and sleep the day away, hoping when I wake up all is well. Everything is good and finished exactly the way I envisioned it lol.

Soon after moving in to our dream house I realized getting internet would be no easy task. We
searched day and night for weeks for a company that would provide internet to our little home 3 miles from McDonalds. Yes, isn't that ridiculous. 3 Miles! Finally a door opened and the internet light shone through brightly. Yay, finally we have internet. We are told off the bat no streaming. Hmm internet without steaming? Is that internet at all? Not sure but it's better than nothing.

Now, I realize uploading videos may be a dream of the past so I go back to my first love of blogging. Yes there are those crazy mommas out there making 6 figures blogging. I read about them all the time in my Pinterest feed lol.

I am not interested in making 6 figures. I am interested in helping to bring a few dollars into our home while I share my passion. Ok sounds easy hey? Hmm Nahhh. Ok so we start over yet again.
My youtube channel us Finding My Homestead. That is what I am crazy about! Not building an empire but building a safe, warm, cozy home for my family, which at this moment is a challenge to even write. You see my darling son, whom I raised alone for 10 years, alone, is now 13 and for 7 years things have been over the top problematic with him. Don't get me wrong my son is actually one of the most amazing people I have ever met. He has a heart the size of New York. He is smart and crafty and sweet and lovable.

Now as a parent, as his mom, I love him like crazy and never want to give up on him. Although it feels as though I am dealing with 5 children in one with him. He has arrested development and physical problems as well, which can make the in's and out's of daily life very very rigorous and emotional. So as mom I will never give up but as a human being I fall very short of the "do not give up" stance.

Well any how blogging is my passion. I know that I probably need to start over with wordpress so thats what I will do. My dream is to meet like minded people along the way and maybe even touch a heart or two.

Today I am inspired to begin YET again ..
Be inspired

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