Monday, June 3, 2013

Delicious & easy camping meals to make summer fun

Get your cast iron ready. 
Weeze about to go camping!
I am going camping and I needed to find some simple camping meals. I found these amazing, delectable, easy to prepare meals on some fabulous blogs. Time to start shopping for ingredients.

Next on to Lunch
(we never can leave out) 
Found this on her site but it actually was given by camping with Gus. 

It's been a long day of summer fun. Time to wind down and make some fab dinner to fill our tummy's...

I am not a fan of aluminum in my system but these camping recipes looks too yummy to resist 

Pigs in a blanket (easy as pie) Is pie really that easy?

All beef hot dogs
I package of crescent  rolls
Wrap dogs in crescent roll/attached to skewer 
cook over a warm and toasty fire
Lastly we must address the most serious issue! Dessert HA! 

Have fun camping although these are great anytime of the year recipes. ENJOY!

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