Monday, May 6, 2013

A Word from the Lord May 2013 The season of your heart

I do not know the season of your heart. I do not know the trials you have faced or are even facing today. I do not know the troubles you have seen. What I do know is this. The LORD has a word for you today. “You are entering a new season,” declares the LORD. “While you have been oppressed in your prayer life and your walk with Me, I am creating an opening. I am creating an opportunity for you to press through and to press into Me. Many will read this word and your first response will be doubt. You will say, ‘I have heard such words before and yet they have not come to pass.’ ‘I have heard such words and yet I am in the same place fighting the same battles that seem to never end.’” The LORD says, “I understand. I walked with you through those valleys. I heard your cries. While you may have believed you were alone you were not. While you may have believed that I had turned My face from you, I have NOT. Nothing will separate you from My love.”

The LORD says, “Many of you will read this message and immediately recall your failures. You will declare over yourselves, ‘This is not possible. Look at my failures! I have done this and this and this.’” The LORD says, “Lean on My promises and believe that they are true! While your circumstances may change and while the seasons pass by, I do not change. My word is established. My promises are TRUE. What I have spoken shall come to pass. There is but one choice that remains for you. That choice is simple. Will you believe and receive or will you continue on in doubt and with a negative self image?”

The LORD declares, “As far is the east is from the west, so far have I removed your transgressions from you. Now walk into My forgiveness. It has already been given and now is the time for you to receive. Repentance is simple. Turn your back on whatever has drawn you away from Me. Turn your back on that and fix your eyes upon Me, the Author and Perfector of your faith. Leave behind not only the behaviors, but the image that you have chosen to take on because of them. That image is dead just as that life is dead.” The LORD declares, “I have new life for you. Do you not know that the old is dead and gone and that the new has come? Stop resurrecting the dead works of your past and instead walk into the new life I have prepared for you. Stop declaring curses over your own life and over the lives of others and walk into My blessing.”

The LORD says, “There is an army rising up. I have prepared a place for you to fight and WIN in the name of My Son. I have prepared a place for you among My warriors. Shed that old self image. Shed that old, dead life. Come unto Me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Come unto me all who are broken and I will heal you in the name of My precious Son, Jesus.”

“Yes, this is a new season,” says the LORD. “Close your fleshly eyes and open your spiritual ones. See what I see. Profess what I profess. Declare My goodness. Declare My blessings. Declare My forgiveness. Declare these things over yourselves. Declare them over your families. Declare them over your co-workers (no matter how ungodly you believe they are). Declare them over your friends. Declare them over strangers. Listen to My still small voice and allow it to be your guide. Forsake the old, familiar voice in your head and you will find that My voice has been speaking to you all along. My sheep recognize My voice and follow their Shepherd. In this season even as the world seems to fall away from Me, I will lead and guide you on My path of righteousness. I will lead and guide you into abundance. In My mercy, I will lead and guide you into healing, wholeness and new heart.”

God’s word is spoken. If you have read it, it has been declared over you. You can choose to deny it. You may decide that it is impossible, that it is too good to be true and go back to your “regularly scheduled programming.” Or you can choose to believe and receive it. Test the word and you will find that it is the truth of the LORD spoken corporately but also to you personally. Now, if you receive this word, do not let it end here. PASS IT ON. SHARE IT. POST IT TO YOUR WALL. POST IT TO THE GROUPS AND PAGES YOU ASSOCIATE WITH. SEND IT OUT. God bless you in the name of His precious Son, Jesus. AMEN

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