Monday, August 27, 2012

TODAY is the DAY OF OBEDIENCE to HIM!!! by Itsallofhim

TODAY is the DAY OF OBEDIENCE to HIM!!! by Itsallofhim
I hear the voice of GOD today….telling me…’never compromise what I’ve/YOU been called to do!!!’ – NEVER allow others to deter my/your calling with their carnal wisdom and street logic.  HE has trained me/you for a specific mission.  There is a mission – a purpose for your life!  Others have not heard what you have heard from YOUR time together with the King of KINGS!!!  YOUR time together with JESUS!  

Others have not been through the Refiner’s fires that you have endured and from which you’ve benefited!!  Let HIM set you free ‘in’ that fire!!  Walk in HIS counsel.  Join with others who are moving in the same direction in which you have been called to go, but NEVER – EVER allow them to change your course; when that course was designed by your LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!  Seek HIS counsel – seek WISE counsel; yes….but the final approval of your life will come from your time together with Christ Almighty!  Rely on HIS WORD!  

Rely on the wisdom HE has given you.  You are called and anointed to a specific task.  Your life is important!  Don’t ever doubt that! If you do – at that time – you have invited the god of this world to enter into a sacred place of fellowship with your Saviour.  You will be calling HIM a liar.  YOU are important!!  Let’s move and have OUR being together!!

OBEDIENCE is big to Father God.  An obedient Christian is developed over time through direct contact with the Lord.  Allow HIM to change the rebellion and pride in each of our hearts.  As HE refines us, HE also defines our lives.  Each of us is tailor made to live a specific life, which is ordained by GOD ALMIGHTY - - GOD HIMSELF…and it is accomplished by the Power of the HOLY SPIRIT!!  NO other way can it happen!! To have someone who hasn’t heard what you have heard and hasn’t paid the price that you have paid in prayer, try to modify what you’ve been called to do is a violation of the trust the LORD has placed in you.  It’s an attempt to redefine the life the Father has called you to live!!

It is soo important to find trusted friends who understand who you are in Christ and are dedicated to always speaking truth to you.  In order that you can keep your direction in life in line with the WORD OF GOD!! But remember…you MUST be willing!  

GOD help you if your not!  THANK YOU LORD for all the grace and mercy YOU bestow on my life – straight from the throne room of heaven – and from the people in my circle.  However, the only one who will answer for your life when you come face to face with the LORD….HE has the final say in either calling your life significant or lighting the bonfire that contains the wood, the hay and the stubble you’ve presented to HIM!!!  Teach us LORD to follow YOUR ways….ONLY YOUR WAYS GOD!!!  HELP us LORD – not to listen to others and be moved by opinions!  HELP us KNOW when YOU speak to our hearts!! 

It will always witness with the WORD YOU have given us!!!  We are empty and useless without YOU and YOUR WORD!!  We are absolutely NOTHING without YOU LORD GOD!!!  BLESSED be the NAME of the LORD, in JESUS NAME!!!


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  1. thanks for the post!!!! May you continue to grow in Jesus!!!!


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