Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2012 Summer Series.. Keep the kids busy on pennies or for Free

 2012 Summer Series
The dog days of summer have arrived and it's time to look for new and creative ways to keep those little ones moving. There are plenty of frugal ways to keep your children entertained during the long summer days.

Don't forget your local library. 
Summer reading programs usually 
extend through August

Check out your local Vacation Bible School Camps. They usually are free and offer hours of fun and creativity for your children. 

Don't forget most local zoos and museums offer FREE DAYS. Check with your local municipality or website for more information on dates and times. 

Check your local theaters for summer programs. Most towns will have a theater that offers summer deals. 
Lastly something me and the kids enjoy everyday is 
celebrating a holiday everyday. We created a calendar and find a holiday or 2 or 3 for each day. We then think of creative ways to honor that holiday. It is really a lot of fun and gets the kids tapped into their creativity because I mostly leave it up to them to decide how we will celebrate
A good place to start CLICK HERE 
A quick list 
Camping, Hiking, Making homemade chalk and drawing on the sidewalk, riding bikes, making a go cart, creating a outdoor theater and letting the kids design the set and, write the script and create the costumes.Water balloons and so much more. 
Ask your kids to use their imaginations and you just go along for the ride. Kids can be pretty ingenious when you give them a chance.

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