Sunday, June 17, 2012

Who my dad was

 My dad was a very interesting guy 

He was super smart
Knew crazy off beat facts
Was a carpenter
a fireman
a paramedic
Was an amazing dad
Loved to spend time with me
Could create the most efficient campsite in the world
Was an athlete
Played Racquetball
Ran marathons
was a triathlete
was a good driver
was patient
was kind
helped people
drank beer
loved woman
built dollhouses
explained everything to death or until he put me to sleep
Didn't believe in explaining to children why they were being punished
very passive
made me go jogging with him when I hated it :)
was loving
when mom was gone he would create these masterpieces for dinner. He would chop fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses and decorate a platter for us
he would tell us to tell our mom he TALKED to us lol
my friends loved my dad
was protective of me
adopted me even though he is my biological dad


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