Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The power of embarrasement

How to discipline your 10 year old
I have many issues with my son and we keep working through them with love, discipline, consistency and creativity. Yesterday we attended a local street fair. He began to act up immediately. I asked him to calm down and he continued. I asked him then to go stand by the door and wait for us. Then as I walked towards him something strange came over me. I began to dance. yes, there were people everywhere. I began to flail, move, groove and dance. His face turned red as he yelled. "mom stopppp, You are embarrassing me" Stop mom Stop. The more he whined and yelled, the more I danced. I continued to shake my groove thing and he continued to plead with me to stop. I finally stopped and got right up in his face. Looked him in the eyes, smiled and squealed.. "Punishment over" For the rest of the time he was on his best behavior. Moms and Dads.. Do not under estimate the power of embarrassment. heheh

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  1. I LAUGHED out loud at work when I read this -- and couldn't comment until now!!! YEAYYYYYY KRISTIN -- what a GREAT empowerment!!! I can just see Joshie -- and YOU!!!! You are an AWESOME Mommy!!! The kids are BLESSED to have you!!! Keep up the great work in HIM -- raising them in Christ!!! I wish I would have done this when YOU were growing up!!! It would have saved alot of tears and frustration!!! GO GO GO MOMMY!!!


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