Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Inspired to Study

My Age: 42
Ring Ring: Hello
Mom: Hi honey I just got a look at your blog. Ooo I love it honey
Me: Thanks mom aww mom your so sweet
Mom: I just gave your blog address to 20 people here at work.
Me: Wow mom thank you. You are so sweet.
Mom: Im who?
Me: HUH?
Mom: who takes care of you?
Me: My mommy hehe.. and my heavenly daddy
Mom: Who?
Me: Daddy
Mom: yea honey that's right
Mom: Honey
Me: Yes mom
Mom: you ...you...honey...you.. Really need to work on your pronunciation. You run on and on and on with your sentence. Honey you need to breathe.
Me: Ok mom thanks
Mom: Love you. Bye
Me: Love you, Bye

I love my mom

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  1. SHESEESH -- maybe you could write something about me -- that actually shows me in an 'normal' light??!?!? You didn;t get all this right!!! HAHAHAHAHA just proves how 'anal' your ole mom really is!!! Love me anyways --- pretty please1/!?!/


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