Saturday, June 2, 2012

Inspired to Garden for the first time

I am beyond excited to plant and tend to my garden this year. As you know I purchased this 1996 mobile home last year for 750 dollars and had to gut it down to the siding except for one room and a closet. The guts of the place, the furnace and water heater were all good to go. Any ways this property is literally in the middle of a cornfield so my backyard is like a field of dreams. I look out at this each morning and am pretty much breathless each and every time. So grateful to the Lord. OK, yessss the renovation project has been more than a nightmare and as for today there is nobody left to help finish the project and all out of funds. I am still going to stay in the Lord and place my trust in Him. That leads me to basically why I started this garden. I knew moving out here would lead to a fresh start for me and the kids so I told myself that this year I would do things I had never done, venture into places I had never gone and sore heights I never imagined attainable. Yes I know I practically sound like a super hero,  so here we go lol... I need to keep moving forward whether the house is done or not. I want this house to be a home now, not a renovation project. Not so much for me but for my kids.
This is my backyard. The garden is way way way in the back and it is a shared plot but we will get to the actual garden in a moment
What an ordeal. You know whenever you take on a new venture, isn't it funny how something always tries to come in and make you believe it was a complete mistake to even give it a try. Usually I become tormented with frustration and thoughts of failure. Well Monday morning I walked down to the garden because the neighbors had the rototiller out and I thought I would give it a whirl. I had never operated one of those things before ugh.. So the neighbor guy says, go ahead and drive it forward. Well I grip on nice and tight my hand to the plow literally and moved forward. At the end of the row the rototiller pukes so the guy says just pull the cord but I couldn't get a grip on the thing. The guy notices and says just hang on to the gas cap, so I reach over to what I assumed was the gas cap and it was NOT.. It was the engine and I wrapped my entire hand around this thing and my hand was burned. I was completely engulfed with agonizing pain and I immediately began to cry and run to my house far far away:).. I burst through the front door, face all red, and began running my hand under cold water but the pain was not going away. Yes, the burn was pretty bad. I noticed a black mark where the burned had singed my skin. What a way to begin my new adventures in gardening.

The Herb Garden
I was totally inspired to do an herb garden because I found that working with fresh herbs creates amazing tasting food and a few heath for the mix. In this herb garden I added Cilantro which is growing in the smaller pot.

List of Cilantro Benefits:

  • Powerful anti-inflammatory capacities that may help symptoms of arthritis
  • Protective agents against bacterial infection from Salmonella in food products
  • Acts to increase HDL cholesterol (the good kind), and reduces LDL cholesterol (the bad kind)
  • Relief for stomach gas, prevention of flatulence and an overall digestive aid
  • Wards off urinary tract infections
  • Helps reduce feelings of nausea
  • Eases hormonal mood swings associated with menstruation
  • Has been shown to reduce menstrual cramping.
  • Adds fiber to the digestive tract
  • A source of iron, magnesium, and is helpful in fighting anemia
  • Gives relief for diarrhea, especially if caused by microbial or fungal infections
  • Helps promote healthy liver function.
  • Reduces minor swelling
  • Strong general antioxidant properties
  • Disinfects and helps detoxify the body
  • Stimulates the endocrine glands
  • Helps with insulin secretion and lowers blood sugar
  • Acts as a natural anti-septic and anti-fungal agent for skin disorders like fungal infections and eczema
  • Contains immune-boosting properties
  • Acts as an expectorant
  • Helps ease conjunctivitis, as well as eye-aging, muscular degeneration, and other stressors on the eyes @ Global Healing center
How can you not love the healing benefits of cilantro?...Another thing I planted was oregano and chives.. Yummm.. Anddd Best of all.. Fresh Mint.. Mint contains a truckload of vitamins and minerals, which are vital to a healthy body. Mint is full of Vitamins A and C and also contains smaller traces of Vitamin B2. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant . Mint also contains a wide range of essential minerals such as manganese, copper, iron, potassium and calcium.
Lemon Thyme and Basil are awesome together. You need to try it in a marinade for chicken

Lastly some pictures of my Huge, Beautiful, Succulent garden. I am praying that the Lord would produce an amazing harvest although this is my first time with the gardening thing so I believe I will be learning along the way what to do and what NOT to do...

Pickling Cucumbers
Red Cabbage

We also have tomatoes galore, a heap load of beets and beans and of course who could forget lettuce. I am sure looking forward to sharing updates on the progress of my garden:)

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