Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I shall not complain

Sometimes we complain so much that we do not even realize that we are complaining any longer. It becomes part of us. Almost our skin.. We wear it and it is just there!... Last Saturday afternoon I was in my garden, toiling away. I started speaking out loud on how my garden was so junky, it had a ton of grass pop up over night. None of the others gardens on this plot looked like mine. Nobody else had weeds or grass, just perfect looking, lush, green, gardens. At that moment I hated my garden and had wished I had the neighbors garden. So not only had I spoke against God's provision for me, I had coveted my my neighbors garden... Sunday at homechurch we read about how the Israelites had complained about the manna God had provided and wow was I convicted. Here God had made a way for over 600,000 people to eat and this people basically spit in His face by complaining, saying they wish they had the food they ate back when they were slaves in Egypt.. So God being the sovereign, full of wisdom and Goodness, loving God He is, poured out abundance of quail onto these people. While the people stuffed their faces and enjoyed being given over to what they wanted God killed them.. Wake up call! Ok so being thankful for what God provides, is not a 10 commandment. These people did not break the law of God. It was not the meat they wanted, more than it was about them not believing that their heavenly Father, whom loved and cared for them, was ABLE to provide their need. Today when I woke up, I went into the back half of the house to one again see what may be my bedroom one day and I complained. I said, "some days I really hate living like this" I immediately repented because God brought me right back to Sunday and what I had learned. I asked God to forgive me and told Him whatever you see fit for me Lord, I'll receive and be grateful in. Even if it never turns out the way I want it to. I will Praise the Lord, because He knows whats best for me..Remember the blood of Jesus covers our sin so we don't have to live under the law. The blood does not cover our hearts being wrong.

Be inspired to carry a thankful heart with you today

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